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Green Energy Hub
storage and handling of reduced-carbon energy products and fuels

Situated at a strategic location within the ARA region,
Northwestern Europe



To deliver Europe's first integrated energy hub for the import, storage, processing and distribution of low-carbon and renewable energy products and fuels.

Creating shareholder value by generating stable cash-flows from long-term storage contracts with credit worthy customers.

Strategic Location

​The Port of Vlissingen is located in the Netherlands, North West Europe, and is operated by North Sea Port.

Vlissingen has been an important harbour for centuries, and is an excellent location for a liquid bulk Terminal.

The adjoining Scheldt River connects the Terminal to the Ports of Antwerp, Ghent and Terneuzen, as well as to the European inland waterway infrastructure.

Located within the ARA region, this location is strategically located for the development of a pioneering state of the art bulk liquid storage Terminal for new energies and fuels.

Evolution Terminals is ideally positioned to be a compelling partner for Customers seeking to build flexible downstream capacity, those seeking to initiate or maximise trade-flows, or for those seeking distribution of low-carbon energy products into Europe.

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North Sea Port is a logistical hub at the centre of Europe. The Port's location in Western Europe and its infrastructure make it a true multimodal port. As a deepsea port, North Sea Port lies in the Hamburg - Le Havre range, right at the heart of Western Europe and along the major North Sea Mediterranean and Rhine - Alpine corridors.

North Sea Port also lies at the junction of various European transport possibilities. As a result, the Port receives ships from across the globe and goods pass through to the rest of Europe – and beyond – via an extensive network of hinterland connections.


The Terminal At A Glance

Strategic location for liquid bulk storage of renewable products and hydrogen-based fuels

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First operations planned to commence in 2026

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Dedicated rail and road facilities for distribution to the hinterlands

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Flexible storage contracts & multi-product permitting of storage tanks

Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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Dedicated deep-water jetty to receive VLGC's, Barges and Coasters

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North Sea direct access & connected to the European inland waterways

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Bonded warehousing & on-site priority surveying

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Tank Storage Enquiries

The information you provide will be used to assess your enquiry relating to Tank Storage Capacity and Operations only.


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