The Terminal

A new build liquid bulk Terminal for the storage and handling of renewable and sustainable fuels and energy products

Strategically located in the North Sea Port of Vlissingen,
The Netherlands

Conceptual Layout and Infrastructure

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Innovative Systems

When operational, the Terminal will provide state-of-the-art operational systems such as fast-flow pumps designed to reduce time at the Jetty for tanker vessels and barges, and for the fast-loading of Rail Tanker Carriages (RTC) and Road Tanker Trucks (RTT).

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Flexible Storage

Versatile storage capacity is paramount for global customers to adjust their inventories to accommodate changes in market sentiment and/or economics. The entire facility will be multi-permitted for a wide range of renewable products and bio fuels.

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Tank "Time-Sharing"

Alongside the more traditional and longer-term storage contracts, the Terminal will offer some capacity for short-term storage. We’ve called this “Tank Time-Sharing” or “Hoteling”; a concept of very short-term, and super-flexible rental commitments for suitable Customers.

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ICE deliverable Terminal

The Terminal will be an ICE deliverable Terminal

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Round the clock operations

The Terminal will offer 24/7, 365 days a year operational capability.

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Priority Surveying

SGS Netherlands is located at the Terminal site and will offer our Customers priority surveying services

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Bonded Warehousing

The Terminal will operate as a Bonded Warehouse

Terminal Connections

A compelling location with excellent connectivity as a platform to develop downstream capacity building, supporting domestic and international trade-flows with dedicated infrastructure.

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Dedicated Jetty

Directly accessible from the North Sea, our dedicated Jetty will have berths for seagoing vessels and inland barges, and offer a draught of up to 17 metres

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Sea Access

The Terminal has direct open sea access without the need to transit locks or sluices

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STS Operations

STS operations available from a permanent mooring opposite our Jetty location.

Tank to Tank Transfer

Tank to Tank transfer and product circulation

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Rail Loading

Multi-spur loading facilities for Rail Tanker Carriages (RTC), with connections to the European Railway network

Truck Loading

Dedicated Road Tanker Trucks (RTT) loading facilities

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European Inland Waterways

The Terminal is connected via the Scheldt River to the Ports of Antwerp, Terneuzen and Ghent as well as the European inland waterways

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